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08. Icon Battle, 7days and misc

30 multifandom icons (Downton Abbey for an Icon Battle at iq_coliseum , multifandom for the7days, misc.)
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Downton Abbey Icon Battle at iq_coliseum (with ofthesea and mark_pierre)

My classes:
B, R, R, W, H
W, W, R, W, B
W, H, R, H, R

The Battle complete with ofthesea and mark_pierre icons is here, please take a look :)

Multifandom icons for the7days (Heroines Challenge):

Kahlan (Legend of the Seeker) | Martha (Doctor Who) | Emma (Once Upon a Time)
Gwen (Merlin) | Olivia (Fringe) | Catelyn (Game of Thrones) | Tara (Sons of Anarchy)

Other icons:

Tags: ( + ) icons: icon battle, tv: doctor who, tv: downton abbey, tv: fringe, tv: game of thrones, tv: legend of the seeker, tv: merlin, tv: once upon a time, tv: sherlock, tv: sons of anarchy
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